Documentary Photographer

I stand for beauty, truth, excellence & curiosity. I use those elements as the foundation for a creative life spent observing and documenting the nuances that make us human. I'm an award-winning photographer whose work focuses on documenting beauty in chaos.



I explore the underbelly of technology, privacy & human interaction. I've worked in the past as a journalist, copy writer, blogger and am currently working on a non-fiction book exploring international cyber criminal networks.

Quiet Shadows

Comms Consultant

I help people connect their passions to a digital audience without sounding like a jackass in the process. A Simpler Story tackles everything from branding, photog & web production, to growth hacking. We help our clients tell their story across all relevant platforms.

A Simpler Story

My World


I travel the world to walk among, and document, my fellow beings in places we ignore or are too scared to see. My goal is only to show you a glimpse of something different. Your assumptions are your own to make.


We're living through an amazing transition in humanity-- from the industrial to the technological driven existance. I explore the underbelly of this transition, from hacking and cyberwarfare to privacy and free speech. I write both fiction and non-fiction and my work can be seen at QuietShadows.Me or on Medium.


Modern visual storytelling would be incomplete without motion. I've worked in the past as a multimedia shooter and producer. I've also produced for television and dabble as an executive producer when the project lights a fire under my ass.


Pixels became a dominant element in my workflow as a digital photographer and evolved into an anchor in my web production work. I work with the pixels-- often. Who doesn't?

For over 20 years, I've traveled the globe documenting the human condition. For over a decade, I've helped people harness the power of digital communications and technology to spread their message. How can I leverage my expertise help you?